So it’s New Year’s Eve once again, the day where we all look back and forward at the year we’ve had and the year about to start. And I think it’s safe to say that, for me, 2014 has had it’s ups and downs and probably more downs than ups. In fact, from Summer onwards, for a variety of reasons, it’s been pretty crap.

But…she says digging up some optimism….it’s not been a completely bad year. In fact, it’s been an historical year, the year of a complete new experience. Because 2014 is the year that…..

I first owned a teapot! (Whooping and clapping optional here)

Yes I know, I can hear you wondering how had I managed to reach the grand age of 40 without one. How on earth did I make a cup of tea?! Actually it’s surprisingly easy – you just put the teabag in the mug and swill it around a bit but anyway…that’s not the point. Thanks to some very kind friends, I now own a teapot. Not just any teapot. Oh no! None of your common or garden stuff for me, we can all shop at…errm wherever you would buy a teapot from. But not me, mine is a hand-painted teapot, painted by yours truly. Oh yes! So now when you visit for a cuppa I could make it in a pot. I don’t, because it’s a single serving teapot and if you visited then there would be two of us, but I could (if I wanted to make twice the work).

So last year on New Years Eve I optimistically made my big resolutions and, as usual, have failed to keep them. This year I’m going to set my sights a bit lower, actually considerably lower. You see 2014 was the year of the first teapot but 2015 is going to be….

the year of the bigger teapot!

Bring it on! It’s going to be a fab year 🙂

Happy New Year everyone xxx